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November 2013

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Fic: A Reason to Stay

Title: A Reason to Stay

Pairing: Tony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs

Warnings: Slash and a sex scene but nothing overly horrifying. You can't get too explicit with only 100 words to work with.

Spoilers: None really. Just the show in general. And if you don't watch NCIS then why are you reading this?

Disclaimer: None of this is mine... except the poem. ^^

Summary: There are times that Gibbs can't stand his work or his job. Tony gives him a reason to stay –five, in fact.


Authors Note: Because I've always wanted to write a series of drabbles and inspiration struck. Each one is exactly 100 words and, thus, a true drabble. Hope you like.

Of all the things you give me
The most precious thing of all
Is a reason for me
To hold on just one moment longer
Which, when used correctly
Gives me all the time in the world
To appreciate
Your smile.

A Reason to Stay

Reason One: he'd miss the endless shenanigans...

"-come on, Probie, don't be a chicken."

Gibbs paused, hand frozen on the door to the head.

"No Tony –get off!"

"Come on! It'll be fun!"

"No. It wouldn't be fair to Abby."

"She doesn't have to know. You're not scared, are you McGeek?"

"No! But... won't it hurt?"

"Maybe a little. I'll be gentle. Come on. You know you want to."

"Oh, alright –fine."

"Yes! Get that shirt off! And quick! Before we get caught by Gibbs."

"Careful! Be gentle!"

"Ooooh, Probie."

Gibbs, furious, burst through the door to find Tony leaning over McGee's back, observing his new tattoo.

Reason Two: Tony would get into far too much trouble without him...

She was leggy.

She was blonde.

She was gorgeous.

She was standing too bloody close to Tony.


Flipping her hair.

This just wouldn't do.


Tony turned, all smiles and big green eyes. Gibbs felt his heart melt.

Just a little.

"Yeah, Boss."

Gibbs gave the leggy blonde a glare fierce enough to boil tar and beckoned Tony over sharply. Tony trotted over happily, guileless and naive.

Gibbs wasn't buying it.

"Stop. Flirting."

Tony blinked innocently but his eyes were laughing.

"You worried?"

Gibbs took in Tony's smile, the way his hand lingered overlong on Gibbs' arm.

"Hell no."

Reason Three: the endless conversation...

Gibbs life hadn't given him much to smile at for a very long time.

"-and then I went to that corner place. You know the one –what was it called again? But Gibbs, it had these shoes. I nearly died."

Then it gave him Tony.

Gibbs had never met a man who took just as long as a woman to do his hair or one so ultra obsessed with his looks and his clothes.

"-they weren't really my style, but the leather was divine."

Tony was irritating. He was smart-mouthed, energetic and insecure.

But he could always make him smile.

Reason Four: the sex.

Miles of creamy flesh, trembling beneath him, his hands skilfully rending a breathless sigh from those kissed-pink lips. Goosebumps chased his fingertips and Gibbs kissed them lightly ignoring the pleas to rush, to hurry, to do something. This was a symphony and was not to be rushed. He needed to coax the music forth, note by note. Soon, he'd burry himself into velvet heat and bring them both to the crescendo but, for now, he was content to tease. Tweaking nipples, stroking hard cock, fingering puckered entrance and revelling in every sound he earned as he lost himself in Tony.

Reason Five: was...

There were days that Gibbs hated his job.

This was one of them.

The headache was so bad it throbbed in time to his heartbeat. His joints hurt, his back was stiff, his eyes stung. He wondered, a little cynically, why he didn't retire already and run off to Mexico.

And then he caught sight of Tony.

Curled up sleeping on the couch, surrounded by tissues and still looking feverish. Gibbs felt himself relax and approached, running a hand gently through his hair. Tony stirred very slightly, murmuring something in his sleep but not waking.

And he knew exactly why.


The End

Authors Note: You've all managed to convince me that plot bunnies are good things and this is the result. Sorry now? And don't worry -it won't delay 'Cause and Effect' any. Its just a short little piece that insisted it be written. Just as I posted a chap of cause and effect as well. Am I spoiling you, do you think?



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Aw I loved this and as for the last one...just what it is about a poorly Tony with Gibbs looking after that just makes me smile! These were wonderful reasons, so aptly done.
Thanks so much! I'm really glad you liked it. Hopefully, it left you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. ^^
Number three is my favorite. Loved this. <3 :)
Tony's cute when he rambles, huh? ^^ thanks for the review!
Loved it! Thanks for sharing. :)
Your welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^^
*happy sigh* Beautiful and so awesome.
Thanks so much! I warrent a sigh? Awesome.
^^ thanks so much! Glad you liked it so much you couldn't even pick a favourite! And yes, yes, nurture the plot bunnies. I'll continue to resist shooting them *put-upon sigh*
Defnitely not spoiling - it's because we your readers are worth it - lol
Hands over some dark chocolate to speed update of Cause and Effect
Not spoiling? Why do I think you might be bias? Mmmmm. And your chocolate does no good!!... but mostly because I don't like dark chocolate. Got any cookies?? ^^
This was lovely. It left me with a smile on my face. A great way to start the morning ! Would that we all had a Tony in our lives.
Glad you started your day smiling because of me! That makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. ^^ (and I *really* wouldn't mind a Tony in my life either!)
*gasp* I Loved this! =D Your plot bunnies are definitely a good thing. =3
People keep saying that. I *shouldn't* kill them all then? ^^

*blushes* thanks!
Definitely keep heeding the plotbunnies if this is the result! I loved these, but I think that #2 with flirting Tony was my favourite.
hehehe. Tony's a naughty little thing, isn't he? And we love him for it! Glad you liked it. It was a new experiance for me as I tried to write from Gibbs' pov so its nice to know people enjoyed it.
Your very welcome! Your review is thanks enough (though money and chocolate is also accepted ^^)

My fave is no. 5 but I also definitely love babbling!Tony. Heck, they were all wonderful in their own right.

*sends over tons of carrots for all the plotbunnies*
*bunnies devour carrots* Those bunnies will keep me up now that they've eaten! ^^ Sick!Tony is irresistable so I just had to have a drabble with him.
These were all lovely, especially the last one. Awww.

Thanks! I enjoyed writing them all. I needed something light and fluffy to brighten my day. Hope it brightened yours too. ^^
I really loved these! I think my favourite was the one with Tony flirting. You capture the scene so well.
Thanks! Can just see him doing that, huh? It was hard with only 100 words -so tempting to go over! It was fun, though, and I'm glad you liked it.
that was awesome!
Thanks!! I'm happy you think so! ^^
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